Experts Shared The Alarming Reason Why You Should Always Keep Your Car Key On A Separate Chain

It’s a regular day, and you’ve got somewhere to be. You grab your keys, lock up the front door, and make your way towards your car. You hop inside, place the keys in the ignition, and then you’re ready to go. You’ve done this a million times before so nothing feels wrong. But the thing is, you could actually be making a mistake with potentially lethal consequences.

The issue at play is something so simple that most of us would totally overlook it. And without being specifically told about it, we probably wouldn’t figure it out by ourselves. But thankfully some experts have spoken out to help get the message across.

If you’re the type of person – as many of us are – who keeps a lot of keys attached to your car’s ignition key, then you could run into trouble. There’s no doubt that this is an annoying thing to hear. After all, keeping all your keys together is the least cluttered thing you could do.

And we all need to keep our front door keys handy. But maybe some of us also need to carry our back door key, too? Perhaps a loved one has given us a spare to their own house? Sometimes we might attach a gizmo like a bottle opener or a little torch to our key rings. Many of us may also decorate the bunch with some charms and trinkets.

Nothing about this feels inherently wrong or dangerous, but some people have experienced disastrous consequences because of it. So if we don’t alter our habits a little, we might just end up being one of the unlucky few. We could lose a lot of money, or maybe even pay a greater price.