Google Revealed The Most Pup-ular Dog Breeds In Each U.S. State

One look at the American Kennel Club’s “most popular dogs” list will tell you that labrador retrievers are the country’s number-one dog of choice. And not just in 2020. That particular breed has held the top spot in America for 29 years straight! But the AKC list doesn’t give you the whole picture. For one thing, it only takes into account dog breeds that it officially recognizes. The poll is also based on the amount of those canines registered in the U.S.A. That’s why we decided to dig a little deeper.

For our list, then, we analyzed the past 12 months’ worth of Google Trends data for each state – as laid out on December 1, 2020. The “Top Search Topics” metric told us which dog breeds were the most popular for each state. Then the “Top Search Query” metric revealed which dogs people were searching for more than ever before. Sure, the usual suspects make multiple appearances. Though many states were actually looking for much more surprising – and not AKC-approved – pups than you’d probably ever imagined. So, without further ado, here are the best-loved dogs in your state!


The mighty German shepherd is the AKC’s second-most-popular dog breed – and with good reason. These pooches are faithful, intelligent and they look totally awesome. They’re also Alabama’s favorite doggo. Yet Google Trends shows that German shorthaired pointers were 400 percent more popular in 2020, too. So watch your backs, German shepherds; there could soon be a new pup in town.


When we think of Alaska, the first word that might come to mind is “cold.” So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the most-loved dog in the 49th state was the German shepherd. But what is surprising is that Alaskans searched a lot for corgis this past year. Maybe it’s because the latter breed are supposed to be loving pooches. And you certainly need that when the weather turns chilly!



The top dog breed search topic here in 2020 was the terrier. Yet when you consider the results of Arizona’s other search queries, the state’s residents reveal an interesting story. That’s because the coonhound and the caucasian shepherd dog have both proven incredibly popular. And what do those doggos have in common? Well, they’re supposed to be brave and loyal.


The German pinscher only placed 134th in the AKC most-popular ranking – but Arkansans have been showing the breed some love lately! In fact, searches for the breed increased 350 percent in the state over the past 12 months. Perhaps people are drawn to the pinscher’s smart and lively temperament. Still, these working pups weren’t able to beat the German shepherd to the number-one slot.



The German shepherd was the winner in California – but breeds that are part poodle seemed to be trending. The cavoodle and the cavapoo were both rising dog breed search topics and queries in the state. What are these mixed breeds, you ask? Well, the cavoodle and the cavapoo – great names, those – are both monikers for a cavalier king Charles spaniel and poodle mix.


No prizes for guessing that the German shepherd was the top dog breed topic in Colorado. But the top search query was actually for the bulldog. This breed is also pretty favored around the rest of the country; it ranks fifth in the AKC most-popular poll. This could be because the doggos are equally as happy in suburbs or city centers.



There’s a clear winner for the top dog in Connecticut. Yep, the husky was the state’s hottest dog breed search topic over the past 12 months. “Husky” was also the top dog breed search query over the same period. It makes sense, too. Huskies are solid sled dogs, and the Nutmeg State gets plenty of snow.


The bulldog was a firm Delawarian favorite – coming top of the charts in search topics and search queries. This could have something to do with Delaware’s population being mostly based around its biggest city: Wilmington. Bulldogs are small and adaptable, after all. They also tend to be gentle, warm and fuss-free.



If you look at Florida’s top dog breed search topics, the German shepherd, terrier and bulldog all tied for its favorite pooch. But if you investigate the state’s search queries, you’ll find that the latter outstrips the competition by far. In 2019 Spectrum News also claimed that the French bulldog was the most popular canine registered in Orlando and Tampa.


Georgia’s top topic was the German shepherd – but the breed might soon have stiff competition. That’s because the golden retriever had an incredible 250 percent increase in interest over the past 12 months. The third-most-popular breed on the AKC poll, this dog is big, loyal and smart. So, it’s not hard to understand the appeal.



The most-searched-for dog breed in Hawaii over the past year was the bulldog – with the pit bull and terrier nipping at its heels. But as the AKC includes both bulldogs and French bulldogs on its list, that information is perhaps a little lacking. Yet the AKC also noted that the most popular dog breed in Hawaii in 2017 was the French bulldog… so we’ll have to go with that!


The German shepherd can tick Idaho off its list of where the breed was most searched-for. Yet while the German Shepherd was the most popular search topic, the top search queries was actually for the terrier. Either would be a solid choice of doggo, of course!



The people of Illinois have stayed true to the prevailing trends of the country. Their most-searched-for dog breed was the German shepherd, and the top search query was the bulldog. But on the up-and-coming side of things, residents were getting pretty interested in Aussiedoodles. Mind you, this breed is a poodle/Australian shepherd cross, so it’s not too much of a stretch.


The most eyebrow-raising statistic from the people of Indiana was its trending search queries. Here, the numbers showed that Indiana-based googles for the shepadoodle increased by a staggering 1,050 percent. That’s a big leap! The breed is a mix of a poodle and a German shepherd, the latter of which was the state’s most popular dog.



In 2017 the AKC announced that Iowa’s most popular dog was the labrador retriever. But this breed was nowhere to be found in the 2020 Google Trends data. Instead, it seems that the state turned in favor of the German shepherd and the bulldog. And the rising stars were the crossbreed Aussiedoodle and the impressive giant schnauzer.


You might think that the most popular breed in Kansas would be a cairn terrier. That’s the breed of Toto in The Wizard of Oz, after all. Yet the data showed that Kansans didn’t actually have much time for these little guys. In reality, they were busy searching for the German shepherd and the bulldog.



Think Kentucky and – after drooling over the Colonel’s fried chicken – you’ll probably picture horse racing and ranches. So, it’s no surprise that residents were googling cattle dogs 300 percent more often in the past year. It’s also little wonder that the top breed was the German shepherd. These dogs are strong and are great workers, after all.


The official state dog for Louisiana is the catahoula leopard. It stands to reason, then, that the most popular dog in the Pelican State was the terrier. Wait, what? It’s true: the terrier topped the polls to be the number-one search topic and search query in the past 12 months. Mind you, the AKC includes 36 terriers on its list – so it’s not exactly revealing information.



Here are some facts about bulldogs, as per the AKC. The kindly pups grow to about 15 inches tall. Lady bulldogs can weigh roughly 40 pounds, while males can be 10 pounds heavier. Owners should expect their beloved pets to live for around ten years and be brave and chilled out. Want another fact? Bulldogs were also the most popular canine search topic in Maine.


The Chesapeake Bay retriever became Maryland’s state dog in 1964. And, as its name suggests, the dog is so-called because it originally came from that well-known and rather large inlet. None of this seems to have made much of an impression on Maryland’s residents, though. Otherwise the German shepherd might not have been its most popular pooch.



The terrier was top of the list when it came to search topics and queries from Massachusetts’ residents. On the AKC poll, though, the most popular terrier is the 12th-placed yorkie. The AKC further characterizes terriers as being spunky and determined. Maybe that’s why the people of Massachusetts like them!


Google Trends data showed that searches for Central Asian shepherds increased by 650 percent in Michigan. Yet the AKC warns that this breed is not for people who have never owned dogs before. The breed is apparently big, strong and self-reliant. Perhaps that’s partly why the German shepherd remained Michigan’s preferred doggo – for now, at least.



The biggest mover and shaker for Minnesota’s stats was the Llewellin setter. Incredibly, this breed saw a dramatic increase in searches of 2,650 percent. That’s massive! But while the gundog clearly appeals to plenty of Minnesotans, the German Shepherd was still – quite literally – the top dog.


The Mississippi State University’s athletic teams are known as Bulldogs. Supposedly, this is because they are all strong and determined – just like that particular breed. So it’s no surprise that the bulldog is the university’s official mascot. And it also follows that these canines came top of the tree in terms of search topics in the state.



The big story in Missouri is not that the German Shepherd was its favorite dog. Rather, it’s that searches for Farmer’s Dog were up a staggering 2,600 percent. Yet Farmer’s Dog is not a breed of man’s best friend. It’s actually a food delivery provider. That’s right: it’s a subscription-based, customizable service for pre-portioned pup food. Missourians clearly love their dogs!


There are plenty of reasons why the German shepherd is the most popular dog in the majority of states – including Montana. Seriously, take your pick. The AKC reckons the breed is strong, smart and beautiful to look at. But the organization states that one trait stands out above all the rest: its character.



Nebraska joins the considerable group of states that searched for the German shepherd more than any other breed. But there were a couple of breakouts who may soon nip at the Shepherd’s heels. Interestingly, the doodle saw a 400 percent increase in searches. What’s a doodle, you ask? Well, it’s a generic term for a poodle cross.


Nevada is home to Las Vegas – a place where all your basest dreams can come true. So you might think the state’s residents would have some pretty out-there favorite dogs. A Russian borzoi, maybe, or even the dreadlock-sporting puli. Alas, no. The most popular breeds for Nevada’s people were bulldogs, German shepherds and terriers.

New Hampshire


New Hampshire voted firmly in favor of the golden retriever as its most popular dog. This will no doubt come as a nasty surprise to the chinook. That latter breed has been New Hampshire’s official state dog since 1917, after all. But this does nothing to help its case against the loveable golden retriever.

New Jersey

New Jersey is mostly urban and chock-full of people, so you might expect its residents to lean toward a smaller breed. But no: the German Shepherd was its top dog for 2020. Mind you, an up-and-comer in the search queries arena was the cavapoo. That tiny pooch had an impressive increase in searches of 400 percent.

New Mexico


The standard schnauzer is the 89th-most-popular breed on the AKC list – but not in New Mexico. In fact, the German canine was a breakout star of the trending dog breed topics of 2020. Yet the pooch still didn’t prove as popular as the other ever-present German: the German shepherd.

New York

The German shepherd tied for first place as the most popular dog breed in New York. The other first-prize winner was… the bulldog. And the fact that the latter are good companions and settle beautifully in urban environments makes their choice a no-brainer. Perhaps next year they’ll rise up to become the definite New York pooch!

North Carolina


The plott hound became North Carolina’s state dog in 1989. It’s a hunting dog breed that is known for being companionable at home but tireless in its work. So the plott hound must no doubt be a little irked to learn that North Carolina residents plumped for a herding dog as its most popular breed. Yep, you guessed it: the German shepherd.

North Dakota

Nine-tenths of North Dakota is put aside for farmland, according to the U.S. News & World Report. So, it’s probably not a shock to learn that the German shepherd – which is part of the herding group – was the most popular dog breed for this state. According to Google Trends, the pups were top of the pops for both search topics and search queries. Elsewhere, the breakout stars were the Irish setter and the Brittany spaniel.



Ohio had a split decision for its most popular pooch. On the one hand, the German shepherd was first for search topics. But on the other, the bulldog was top for search queries. Something the state was not indecisive about, though, was its trending love for poodles. After all, the doodle and the cavapoo were both significantly rising in search popularity.


The search query “cane corso puppies for sale” had an incredible 2,250 percent increase year-on-year in Oklahoma. These brave working dogs are currently 32 on the AKC’s list of popular breeds. But perhaps next year they’ll rise through the ranks. For now, though, the German shepherd was still Oklahoma’s fave.



In Oregon, the German shepherd might have some popularity competition in the years to come. That’s because the miniature dachshund enjoyed 300 percent more searches in the Beaver State. Saying that, the dachshund is actually pretty popular throughout the whole of the U.S. The AKC even lists it as the country’s 12th-most-popular dog breed.


The great dane has been Pennsylvania’s official state dog since 1965. And while it is currently the AKC’s 16th-most-popular pooch, it didn’t make the leaderboard of Pennsylvania’s favorite. That that title instead went to the German Shepherd. Mind you, the doodle and goldendoodle trended in the past year, too.

Rhode Island


In 2017 the AKC listed Rhode Island’s most registered dog as the labrador retriever. And while that may be the case, Google Trends reckons that now it’s all about the German shepherd and the bulldog. The former was the state’s most popular search topic, and the latter was its top search query. They’re all good doggos, though!

South Carolina

South Carolina doesn’t just have an official state dog. It also has an entire day to celebrate it! That’s right: September 1 in the Palmetto State is Boykin Spaniel Day. So the breed has to be the most popular dog in South Carolina, right? Right? Wrong! It was the German shepherd.

South Dakota


The vote was split in South Dakota. In terms of top search topics on Google Trends, the German shepherd and the bulldog were joint favorites. But the former also came out on top in the search queries category. So the breed probably wins the first-place ribbon – by a whisker. Maybe next year, bulldogs!


In August 2019 Tennessee governor Bill Lee made the bluetick coonhound the official state dog. The University of Tennessee also counts the breed as its mascot. But when looking at the Volunteer State’s resident’s searches, the bluetick coonhound doesn’t get a nose in. Instead, people favored the popular German shepherd.



Texas residents are pretty well known for being enthusiastic about hunting. That might explain why the weimaraner experienced a 300 percent bump in searches over the past year. The AKC claims that these German canines are extremely popular with hunters, after all. Yet the state’s most beloved dog breed overall was another German dog: the German shepherd.


For some reason, the dog breed that made the most moves in Utah was the Pekingese. These toy dogs experienced a massive 600 percent increase in searches from Utah’s population. Perhaps people were drawn to the breed’s regal sensibilities and never-ending devotion. For all the interest, though, the top dog was still the German shepherd.



Make no mistake about it, the people of Vermont like big dogs! The most popular ones in the state over the past year were German shepherds, dalmations, golden retrievers and basset hounds. These pooches are mostly between 19 and 24 inches tall and weigh an average of 65 pounds, according to the AKC. And the biggest of the bunch is the German shepherd – Vermont’s favorite doggo.


Virginia has seemingly forgotten about its state dog. The American foxhound has held the position since 1966 – yet it didn’t appear anywhere in the Google Trends data. The German shepherd was actually the state’s number-one pick. Elsewhere, the terrier rose to the top of the search queries list.



The German shepherd was crowned Washington’s favorite dog of 2020. Though if trending search queries are to be considered, it could soon have some competition. After all, the Central Asian shepherd was a breakout search over the past year. Could this one day overtake the popular German shepherd? We’ll have to wait and see!

West Virginia

West Virginia is known as the Mountain State for good reason: it has lots of mountains. So it makes sense that its most popular dog – the German shepherd – is a big, strong, working canine. It also tracks that a trending crossbreed for the state was the pomsky. This apartment-pup is part Siberian husky, after all.



Washington Junior High School kids – and a teacher named Lyle Brumm – fought for years to get the American Water Spaniel elected as Wisconsin’s official state dog. They achieved their goal in 1986… but it seems nobody remembers that now. The top dog in the state these days was the ubiquitous German shepherd.


Wyoming is sometimes known as the Cowboy State. So, you might expect its favorite doggo to be from the herding group… and you’d be right! The German Shepherd reigned as the state’s most popular search topic and search query. Rising stars in these categories also included the cockapoo and the interestingly named vizsla.